Air Gun Competition, Events & More

Air Gun Competition, Events & More

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 I have been working on this 1701p for a spell, and i thought i would share it. one hole groups at 30 yards measuring .25 inches is the norm with this gun. Talk about no excuses. I have installed a 12 LW Crosman barrel which gained around 25 fps or perhaps a little more over the 10 inch LW. However, i was able to tune it a little hotter from 560-575 fps it was achieving using the 10 inch barrel with out the jumpy, poppy feeling one gets with a pistol. Apparently the added barrel length helped out quite a bit. Now she is running between 600-615 fps over 28-30 shots using Crosman 7.9 cpl's with over 1300 usable psi with out a regulator.  This puts the energy at 6.5 fpe and well bellow the 12 fpe power limit for competition here is in the Sates. It still has plenty of juice to knock targets down with a 4 fpe hit on the paddle at 45 yards, well beyond the 30 yard limit in Pistol Field Target competition. 

Then i found a vintage RWS 2-7 duplex ret made by Hakko. Yes Hakko. a Japanese quality piece of glass that is super clear and ranges to 40 yards quite well. The scope measures 11.5 inches in length and weighs in at a mere 13.5 ounces. This is loopy standards and makes the pistol have a much lower center of gravity. 

Then I designed a knee shelf that meets  Field Target rules for competition. Scott S. machined the knee shelf.

Fred B. made the grips from a factory set. He built up JB wood putty and shaped it to the desired look and feel. I must say, it is simply the best grip i have ever had. I gave the grips a paint job using my fathers favorite color------Orange. :) I just love it, and two club members helped. one with the knee shelf, and the other with the grips.

thank you for taking a looksie..... :)

velocity 600-615
shots     28-30
power   6.5 fpe
psi        1200+

RE Tune.         $95.00

knee shelf........$80.00


Ronnie Easton


Friday, August 31, 2012

Crosman 1720, 1701 and Marauder pistol trigger shoe

i have been competing with my Marauder pistol for quit some time. one of the first modifications i did was to add a trigger shoe on the factory trigger blade. the factory blade is so thin i couldn't get a good feel. what i have learned is that many other shooters feel the same way about there pistols. some feel one should have come from the factory with it installed.  my new shoe offers a wider feeling with a slightly longer length of pull. it fits so well one has to press it on, and it stays there until it is tightened  by two allen set screws. . when i attended the last regional out of state, a shooter asked if he could get one from me. two weeks later he got his and was completely happy with it.  this is all i needed to hear so i started making them in big numbers in a variety of colors.  below are some pictures.

introductory price per shoe...19.95 shipped

contact info:
916 752 6762

pay pal info:

Monday, August 20, 2012

T-Wheel for Hawke Side Winder 30 and side Winder Tactical scopes

It has been said by a great many shooters that a bigger side wheel is needed for the Hawke scopes because they only offer a 4 inch wheel. . the advantage of using a larger side wheel is increased gap between yardage marks. the draw back of using a bigger side wheel is that it makes the gun a bit bulky.

A T-wheel is the best answer in solving this issue as it has a very streamed lined look. it attaches to the factory Hawke side wheel and held in place  by 4 set screw-2 at the top and 2 on the bottom of the outer rim of the wheel. it puts the larger section where it is needed for bigger spacing between yardage marks with out the big and bulky look of a 6 inch wheel. by adding my T-wheel, it gives the same spacing as a 6 inch wheel where shooter needs it-- at the further ranges.  ranging beyond 40 yards become more accurate. if one can rage more accurately, one can use the proper hold over or click value with better precision.

 this is the proto-type. i have not set up the wheel for marks as of yet as to show viewers what it looks like as it came off the line. taking orders now for a CNC machined finished product. if you like it now, you will defiantly like it when finished after the CNC process.

$65.00 shipped to the lower 48.

contact info:

Ronnie Easton
916 752 6762

Sunday, August 12, 2012

None pressurized Air Hose Caps

contamination is an air guns worst night mare. the slightest bit of debris can cause a leak or damage to the firing valve. it is nearly impossible to keep dust out of the foster fitting especially in the field, so i have  a solution for this potential problem on my bottle and thought others might be interested in one for them selves.these are great for hand pumps as well because the fitting is so close to the ground. the cap basically plugs the hole and securely snaps in place so that debris can not work its way into the air hose.

I am offering these hand machined caps at a very low price. they are great for all foster quick connect female fittings and are hand made in America with precision which fit directly on the quick release connector.

Price per unit.....11.00 shipped to the lower 48
call or email Ronnie
916 752 6762

Monday, August 6, 2012

Beeman P-17 improved

a great deal of chit chat has been going on the forums regarding the accuracy of the Beeman P-17 formally known as the Marksman single stroke pneumatic. the P-17 pistol is basically a cheep knock off of the original German made HW 40 CPA in which case Beeman had listed in there inventory as the P-3 with slight variances. both the P-3 and HW 40 CPA are just put together with slightly better parts than the P-17 and at four times the price. the over all accuracy shooters love. the major complaints were low velocity, and other small  issues that needed to be addressed. .

the P-17 lists for around 35 dollars, and if one gets a Beeman red dot scope as part of the package, then the price jumps to a wopping 49 dollars. the P-17 is a very affordable gun with an adjustable trigger. there is a set screw on the trigger blade to allow a finer weight of pull. for an affordable gun, this one can stack pellets at 10 yards. the problem my assistant Match Director had, as with most others,  is the low velocity producing around 385 -400 feet per second (fps). on the other hand, the P-17  has  a  surprisingly good shot to shot consistency.

what i suggested to Scott was the possibility  of installing a Crosman 10.1 inch barrel from the Crosman model 6300T pistol. this new barrel would replace the existing 6.7 inch factory barrel. the new barrel would have to be machined which made the barrel  9.7 inches when finished.  i love Crosman barrels as they are cheap and accurate for the most part. sometimes one might get a bad barrel but at only 12 dollars per barrel, one could order another at that price. Scott said he could do it but needed to machine out some parts allowing for the thicker diameter barrel. he spent a bit of time on the planning end of it. Scott also suggested to bed the barrel with JB weld then paint it black to mach.  the projected velocity when completed would be a 40 fps gain. well worth the effort and a great deal of fun doing it. the velocity when tested over the chronigraph came to 442 fps, and  the shot to shot consistency stayed the same. bellow are some pictures of the project, and the accuracy is fantastic for a total investment of less than 64 dollars not counting the labor time.

the P-17 improved feels like a real pistol because of the added barrel weight but we were still not completely happy with it. more weight was needed to make it a more sturdy gun so we bounced some ideas off one another and decided to add clear 10 minute epoxy  into the forward part of the lower frame assembly. before adding the epoxy, a table spoon of lead bird shot was added (shot gun bb's). this gave the gun a fantastic feel and put the weight more forward where it needed it. this also made the frame stronger over the factory set up which had some lateral flex when cocking it.

then there was the issue of the factory grip being a little thin and with that plastic feel so we added a rubber sleeve made from a bicycle inner tube around the factory grip. this gave the P-17 a fatter grip with a better more repeatable feel. the end result was  perfect and cheep.

what we found also amazing is the sound of the pistol decreased due to the longer barrel and with less recoil. still not completely satisfied with it, Scott and I machined a muzzle brake for the sharp end to complete the look.

we each have one and thought it might be good to share it with others on Ronnie Report. this project might give others  ideas on there gun if they have the means or desire.

at the following match, Scott entered with his P-17 improved and scored a 43 on the pistol course at Eaton Field Target Club in Sacramento. the pistol has no problems knocking down 1.5 inch kill zones on gamo targets out to 20-25 yards. great shooting Scott!!

Ronnie Easton

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ronnie's tuned Marauder Pistol (RE Tack 12 sniper)

I have been thinking about this paint job for quit some time now so i decided to go for it. i have also added a Jim Gaska shroud extension which i fully endorse! then i noticed the Hawk scope being a little temp sensitive on range finding at longer distances so i added a thermometer to the scope. it just sticks on and can be removed later. for night target shooting i installed an led light just above the level and re wired the original light and zipped it to the under side of the BKL mount.

i topped it all off with an angle meter from Ray Apelles. one can see this through the the scope wheel. i will post another later as the picture did not turn out  right. more pics to follow and perhaps another write up on just the angle meter. this small wheel mounts to one of the spanner holes on BKL mounts and riser blocks. it will tell the shooter at what angle the target is at so he can compensate for the difference in poi. i really like it.

i also found this gun stand and made it into a pistol tote/cleaning stand. it folds up and slides together for compact storage and travel.

i must say, this Marauder Pistol is one fun gun to shoot. i just recently tuned a gun for a real nice guy by the name of Barry out of Redding California. he sent me some H/N Field Target Trophies to try out in a 5.53 mm head size which weigh in at 14.66 grains. when checked on the scale, they in fact have a pretty tight tolerance  so  i said what the heck...... i will try em out. well it paid big dividends!!!!!! the first 3 shots went into one hole but was not totally convinced of this i posted a fresh piece of grade A target paper. there where too many shots on that paper to really tell for sure.  i printed 4 shot groups on the new paper and all measuring less than 1/2 inch end to end with at least 5 shots per bull and some had 7 or 8 shots. then i pushed the paper out to 27 yards and shot at the bull pictured bellow and all went into a size of a penny shooting off my knee. a bench rest would probably produce even a better group. who knows for sure. later in the day i shot a few more and all groups where equally impressive. i  think i have a new pellet here and might prefer it over the Air Arms Falcons in this particular case.

i also noticed that the poi was holding strong from 20-27 yards with little to no poi change. with a decrease in velocity of about 25 fps from the light falcons i found this very interesting. all i had to do is hold a half a mil dot higher.  i grabbed the chronograph and fired 5 pellets through it at 25 yards. the consistency was better than i have seen before at that range. the spread was about the same as at the muzzle. this has got my attention for sure. then i went back to my computer and ran a ballistic trajectory program on it and found that the ballistic coefficient was at .034---that is amazing! then ran a trajectory chart and compared it to the Falcon trajectory chart i have. it was only off by one quarter inch click though out a 50 yard operating range. that is fantastic imo.  what i came to conclude is that for some reason this pellet retains a heck of a lot more energy down range over the Air Arm Falcon Pellets and with better accuracy.

8 shots at 27 yards off the knee
14.66 grain H/N FTT

i will be doing some more testing at longer distances to prove everything is fine trajectory wise but the initial testing looks great.

i am offering the RE tack 12 tune for $95  

Ronnie Easton

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ronnie's Tuned Marauder Pistol (RE Tack-12) Match Win

I just got back from Oregon competing in the Western States Air Gun Championships. This was to be the test on just how this pistol could perform with my new RE Tack-12 tune.. a picture says a thousand words but a score of 99/100 is more than what i had ever imagined. after missing target number 9. this pistol went 91 consecutive shots without missing a single target. the smallest target was a 5/8 inch kill zone at 20ish yards elevated.  I took High score over the rifles and all the classes as well as Pistol Champion for the Western States.

when i returned, i found that my step father and dear friend had passed. he was an insperation to me.  i did this one for him..... may he rest in peace... good man and fellow American. i will think of him always.

RE Tack 12 tune.......$95.

His loving son,

Ronnie Easton

December 1986